RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation:

Reaches out to those who are wanting to become a Catholic and a member of the faithful of the Catholic Church, both have a ministry to each other. This mutual ministry shows us that this process of becoming a Catholic is not just a matter of instruction or education. It is a proce
ss of spirituality, of God's call and our response....as a people of faith.

RCIA enables parish communities to come alive; it can deepen or refresh one's faith. It offers the privilege for parishioners to walk with those who are seeking to come into full communion with the Catholic Church.

RCIA is about conversion, which means that we are involved in the way people grow, calling both parishioners and candidates to reach beyond who they are today and to continually re-form their attitudes and values about life and their lifestyle.
Our RCIA team offers support, guidance, dialogue and prayer as they discern one's readiness to be received into full communion with the Church. Our small group of Lakes parishioners welcome all enquirers - adults and children alike.
There are many reasons why someone may want to connect with RCIA. If you are wondering if RCIA is right for you read the following...

* I am interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.
* I am a baptized Catholic, but have received little or no formal religious education.
* I am searching for a deeper spirituality in my life.
* I have never been baptised.
* I am married to a Catholic, attend Mass but just don't know what the next step might be.
* I have been baptised in another denomination and wish to become Catholic.
* I have been baptised Catholic but have not received any other sacraments.
*I am of a non-Christian faith background and desire to know more about Christianity.

The journey begins with one small step!

Would you like to know more about RCIA?
Please contact the parish office