Confirmation Required Information

The following information is required for enrollment in the confirmation program.

The Following Information is required to make the Booking.
  1. Mother's full name and religion.
  2. Father's full name and religion.
  3. Mothers Maiden name
  4. Child's full name.
  5. Child's date of birth.
  6. Child's date of baptism.
  7. Child's Church of baptism - If Child was baptised outside of Lakes Catholic Parish, later in the program you will need to provide Baptism Certificate as proof of baptism.
  8. The name of school the child attends and the class year they are in.
  9. Name of Sponsor (refer to 5 ways to be a good sponsor)
  10. Saints Name 
  11. Costs:
    - $35.oo for a single child.
    - For more than 1 child for a single family, cost is $50.00