What is the Sacramental Program

The Sacramental Program
What is it and Who is Responsible?

This Program is facilitated by the Parish but a responsibility of the Parents.

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their child. Faith education by parents begins in the child’s earliest years, such as showing them how to pray and reading easy bible stories about Jesus.

The Parish Based Family Centred Sacramental Process creates particular opportunities for parents to strengthen their faith and relationship in Jesus,  and to share this faith with their child.

Relationship with Jesus, faith, example, motivation and devotion are primary gifts which are nurtured in this Sacramental Program.

Parents of children who have been baptised and have reached the age of discretion (Year 2) are invited to present their child as a candidate for Confirmation and First Eucharist.

The Sacramental Team in the Lakes Parish co-ordinate and assist parents as they prepare themselves to support the preparation of  their children for the reception of the sacraments of Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation.

The Lakes Parish follows the Sacramental Program that is approved by the Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay, David Walker.

The parish based, family centred process provides opportunities for parents and children
to come together to inquire and reflect upon the faith into which their children are being initiated.

The Sacramental Process includes -
    • Parents’ Information Evenings.
    • Retreats and small,  group gatherings that explore the sacraments and help deepen our relationship with Jesus.
    • Attendance at Sunday Mass.
    • Supporting materials such as workbooks / worksheets.
Further ways to connect with our parish community :
    • Celebrating Children’s Liturgy of the Word held during school terms,
      at St Rose Church on 1st & 3rd Sundays at 8am Mass.
    • Celebrating Family Masses held on the 2nd Sunday 6pm at St Rose Church & the 4th Saturday 5.30pm at St Joseph’s Church
    • Ensuring that your child attends Catholic Scripture, if they are not attending a Catholic school.
If you would like to know more please  contact the Sacramental Program team at Tel: 9982 1058 or Email: sacraments@lakesparish.org.au